Terms and Conditions for Vendors



Vendor has the obligation to check whether there is other trademarked brand out there to consider. Vendor also has the obligation to protect own brand. Vendor site slug and store name will have to adhere to this rule; otherwise, Trip or Dare will be able to transfer the slug, website name, links, and other brand related services to the other party who has the right to the brand and name.




Vendor has the obligation to check whether the contents vendor uploaded to our website does not violate any copyrights, trademarks, or any other property rightfully owned by the others. Trip or Dare is not obligated to check this, and such complaints will be vendor’s own responsibility.




Vendor can upload any kind of products related to our categories, related booking services and items related to vendor’s product. Vendor can only choose 4 categories most related to the created products. Choosing more categories than 4 will clutter our website so we may pause your product until it is fixed.

Vendor is obligated to check whether uploaded products and services follow vendor’s government and public legal and ethical rules. Any dispute arises from failing to follow this term is vendor’s own responsibility.




Vendors who joins us are in the same mission and line of service to provide the best services to our customers. Trip or dare is commited to improving services to our customer and vendor’s. Vendors may receive notification emails and be contacted by our departments for this purpose. Vendor can opt out of these notifications by notifying our administrative person, except the monthly training emails and whatsapp message to achieve the best service we can give to our customers.




Our service comes with a fee. This will allow us to serve you better by upgrading the website, marketing, and provide you with better services to serve customer better. Current introductory commission fee is 19% for all services calculated using your “Base Price” during product creation. Coupons and other price modifying settings are not taken into account when calculating the commission.




Vendor is obligated to state the %VAT according to vendor’s government tax rules. Any dispute arises by failing to input the correct %VAT is solely Vendor’s responsibility. Trip or Dare is not responsible for vendor’s accounting for government tax. Trip or dare provide some means to calculate the tax which is unmonitored by us. We strive to be more responsible with this term in the future to serve you better. Please send any feedback to our feedback page so we can understand better your needs and priority.


Product Price


Trip or Dare may change the price stated by owners. We may increase price up to 300% or decrease down to 70%.

Any increase more than 200% or decrease more than 20% will be ruled by mass voting that we will send out to groups of vendor. If more than 50% approves and at least 70% votes, the program will run. Any feedback will be appreciated regarding this program.




Trip or Dare may release coupons on behalf of vendor to attract more customers. Trip or Dare will compensate any expenses related to the coupons. Any feedback will be appreciated regarding this program.

Coupons released by Vendors are not included in the calculation of Commission.


Privacy Policy


Please check our General privacy policy page at tripordare.com/privacy-policy


Other Terms and Conditions


Our terms and conditions is at https://tripordare.com/general-terms-and-conditions

Our terms and conditions for affiliates is at https://tripordare.com/affiliates-terms-and-conditions